Uses (Photos)

Works with Custom Covers for Boats, ATV’s, Snowmobiles, Automobiles, etc.

Tarp Buddy can be used on custom covers for boats, cars, atv’s, dry docks, shore stations, etc.

Cargo Net

Custom made cargo net using mesh netting.

Patio Furniture Covered for Winter

Pictures from a customer using Tarp Buddy devices to keep their tarp on their patio furniture through winter. They’ve always had problems with the eyelets not being where they needed them and ripping out but not anymore.

Zipper Fix on Portable Garage

Pictures from a customer using Tarp Buddy devices to do a quick repair to keep the door closed on a portable tarp garage after zipper failed. The way the devices were installed makes for quick and easy access.

Happy customer with deck wrapped for winter. Great Job!

A customer had sent us these photos showing how they use the Tarp Buddy devices to enclose their porch with a tarp for winter at a resort in northern Wisconsin.

Garage in a Box recover. (Portable Garage)

Garage in a Box recovered using Tarp Buddy. Used a 30 x 50 foot 8 mil tarp. Garage frame approximately 13 feet wide by 20 feet long. Double folded tarp in half creating a double layer and a tarp size of 25 x 30. The 30 foot length was used for the length of the garage frame and trimmed off after. The excess tarp material is enough to use for both ends at later date. The 25 foot length was perfect going from one side to the other and allowing about 6 inches of extra material laying on the ground on each side like original cover. Used 40 Tarp Buddy devices. (16 on each end and 4 on each side)

Create your own inexpensive covers

Tarp Buddy allows you to create inexpensive covers for grills, AC units, patio furniture, boats, cars, and so much more. Since you no longer need the factory grommets, you can cut your tarp material to whatever shape and size you need and attach the Tarp Buddy devices using zip ties in the locations as needed. Then run an elastic cord through the side hole on the hub.

Use with Trekking Poles

The Tarp Buddy is designed so the points of trekking (hiking) poles or ski poles can be inserted into the recessed hole for creating vertical legs for shelters. The recessed hole also allows 1/2 inch conduit to be inserted or can even self thread itself onto a 1/2 inch water pipe for more options for creating vertical legs as supports for shelters and canopies.

Pool Covers

The Tarp Buddy holds strong even with all the water on top of the cover as shown in the photos. No ripping.

Lean-Too Style Roofs

Tarp Buddy is designed to have the ability to be attached to solid objects such as truck beds, trailers, boats, side of building, etc.

Use with Aluminum Shock Corded Tent Poles

The side hole of the hub on the Tarp Buddy is designed to allow aluminum shock corded tent poles up to 3/8 inch diameter to be inserted for creating shelters of all types.

Hang From Above

Tarp Buddy allows you to easily create an overhead shelter by hanging from a tree from above. Simply install the Tarp Buddy on the top of the tarp and can use a zip tie to secure on the bottom of the tarp. Tie a cord through the side hole of the hub on the Tarp Buddy and hang it where needed. Use a Tarp Buddy in each bottom corner to take out the slack and stake them out keeping everything tight.

Use with a Ridge Line

The side hole in the hub of the Tarp Buddy allows you to thread cordage through to create a ridge line for another style of shelter.

Covering Trucks and Trailers

Tarp Buddy holds tarps secure on trailers.

Removable Walls for Wood Sheds and other Storage Structures

Tarp Buddy can be secured to posts or other solid objects for creating removable walls.