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Made in the USA

Tarp Buddy, LLC is the provider of the Tarp Buddy.

The Tarp Buddy is the world’s strongest and most versatile fastener.

Special Features:

  • Does not require tools.
  • Does not require holes in the material to install.
  • Secures to tarps, canvas, plastic sheeting, screen material, and so much more.
  • Secures using cordage or zip ties.
  • Allows the use of tent poles, tent stakes, and trekking (hiking) poles.
  • Can be secured on the ends of rubber snubber’s and to buildings, truck beds, trailers and boats.
  • Receives the hooks of bungee’s and rubber snubber’s.
  • Allows multiple layers of material to be drawn in to the groove for securing depending on thickness of materials.
  • Can be bolted directly to truck beds, trailers, boats, sides of buildings, trees, and so on.

Why the Tarp Buddy was created:

The creators have spent years using tarps, custom covers, plastic sheeting and other assorted sheet-like materials to cover just about anything imaginable. The common problem was that the grommet would always rip out and they were almost never located where needed for an anchor point.

All sorts of natural items as well as different types of fasteners were used. Most were not worth the time, money or effort. Some worked better than the grommets but only for a little while before damaging the material.

Finally the decision was made, there had to be a better way. That’s when the “Tarp Buddy” was created and patented.

We love the outdoors. We like to camp, backpack, and hunt. We have used tarps and other sheet-like materials for hobbies as well as on the job. We knew we wanted to create a fastener that not only would be the strongest fastener out there as well as providing the longest longevity for the material and the fastener, but we wanted to combine the worlds of camping, backpacking, hunting and tarps.

The Tarp Buddy opens up an entirely new world of how tarps and other sheet-like materials can be used.

Whether for personal, business, military, or FEMA, the Tarp Buddy has you covered.

US Patent 9,874,039 B2

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