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Product Review
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Tarp Buddy

Great product! I have been using it for several applications and have found it to be enormously useful. Now i can place an anchor point wherever I need one on my tarps and the uses for this great product are endless! After using them the first couple of times, and seeing just how well they work, I will be purchasing more in the near future.
- Cheryl

Outstanding product

I use them with a small ratchet strap on my boat cover and my atv cover. They do a great job of keeping the cover tight, which means the rain just runs off and eliminates pockets of heavy, standing water that eventually tears the cover. The same holds true with snow .
- Walter Ebner


Bought these 2 years ago qnd used them camping. 4 tarp buddies easily held a 20x40 tarp over head during a rain storm. Would highly recommend!
- Nicholas Hoeft

tarp buddy

I have used this product for many years on my pontoon boat tarp and has work GREAT would HIGHLY recommend
- Bill Weichert

Major upgrade to camping

My boyfriend and I go camping a lot and have broken multiple tarps. Thought we were going to have to purchase another tarp again....but no tried the tarp buddies after buying at Wi state fair and could even use the old ones with the broken rivets. Greatest product ever and will tell anyone that needs to use tarps. Thanks tarp buddy for saving us from having more broken tarps.
- Melissa


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