Big Thank You

It has been almost 10 months now since the Tarp Buddy was released to the public. We currently have sales in 47 states here in the US as well as sales in 5 other countries with demands from another 5 countries waiting for us to take up distribution there.

I have to give a big thank you to  the following people for there hard work doing youtube video reviews of the Tarp Buddy:

Jon – Wingman115 youtube channel

Chris – Preparedmind101 youtube channel

Lonnie- Far North North Bushcraft and Survival youtube channel

Brian- Survival on Purpose youtube channel

I also need to give a big thank you to Dave and Jim Canterbury- Self Reliance Outfitters and Pathfinder School, Indianapolis, IN and all our other retailers out there.

Thank you to Rockford Molded Products- Rockford, IL for the great work on producing the Tarp Buddy product.

A Big Big thank you to all our customers. There wouldn’t be a company without you.